Hytera DS-6210 DMR Trunking Pro

IP-based Digital Trunked System Infrastructure specifically designed to provide mission critical voice, dispatching and management capacity.

It deliver the solution with high spectrum efficiency, wide coverage, flexible networking, cost effective and high security. It can be deployed for different network scale from single site network to national-wide network.


Hytera DS-6210 DMR Trunking Pro

IP-based Digital Trunked System Infrastructure

System Key Features

  • Versatile Service
  • Enhanced Capacity
  • Extended Coverage
  • Flexible Networking
  • Powerful Dispatching Capability
  • High Security
  • Field Proven Reliability

Network Management System

  • Provide a complete management capabilities such as subscriber management, configuration management, fault management, security management, topology management and performance statistics.
  • Support SNMP to facilitate integration into different NMS as required; adopt C/S structure to support multi-user operation in complex and large networks.
  • Easy maintenance with remote upgrade, OTAP, IP link detection, system health monitoring, etc.

Dispatching System

  • Voice call
  • Text message
  • External call
  • Advanced function
  • The system supports external tools like multi-touch touch screen, foot-tap PTT, and microphone with PTT.
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Security Services

Digital Voice Recording System

  • IP-based digital network-wide voice recording.
  • Browser/Server architecture.
  • Hot standby for stability improvement and 24-hour voice and SMS recording.
  • Access control based on licensing mode with high security.
  • Statistics analysis for voice and SMS recording data.
  • Files online playback and download.
  • Flexible recording based on subscriber,Base station and MSO.

DMR Trunking Terminals

  • The most complete DMR trunking terminal portfolio. Portable radio PD70X, PD78X, PD98X, X1e and X1p, mobile radio MD78X, intrinsically-safe radio PD79X Ex.
  • The smallest full power DMR trunking portable terminal in the world-X1e & X1p.
  • The world's first full duplex DMR Trunking mobile radio, MD78X.
  • Four-mode DMR Trunking terminal, supporting analog conventional mode, DMR conventional mode, MPT Trunking mode and DMR Trunking mode.
  • All the terminals support software upgrade from conventional mode to trunking mode.
  • All the portable terminals support at least IP67, all the terminal radios supports GPS and MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G.
Base Station Specifications
Operating Frequency VHF: 136-174MHz/UHF1: 400D-470MHz/UHF3: 350-400MHz/UHF5: 806-825MHz, 851-870MHz/896-902MHz, 935-941MHz
Carrier Spacing Cavity Combiner: ≥250KHz; 
Wideband Combiner: ≥25KHz (only for base station with less than 4 carriers)
Multi-access Method FDMA/TDMA
Duplex Spacing 5.3MHz (VHF)/10MHz (U1, U3)/45MHz 39MHz (U5)
Modulation 4FSK (index: 0.27)
Transmission Rate 9.6 kbps
Full Load Power Consumption 4-carrier: ≤1200W; 8-carrier: ≤2400W
Dimensions (W×D×H) 29U: 1,430 x 600 x 600 mm;42U: 2,000 x 600 x 700 mm
Weight (fully configured) 4-carrier: 230kg; 8-carrier: 314kg
The Number of MSO 360
The Number of Base Stations 256
Maximum Number of Single-station Carrier 16
User Capacity 322000
Group Call Capacity 70000
Dispatcher Capacity 50000
Network Management Terminal 32
Calls per PSTN Gateway 60
Calls per MPT Gateway 16
Group Call Set-up Duration (ms) <300 singe MSO
  • -118dBm @ BER5% 
Rx Path 3 RX paths per CHU, allowing the base station to receive via 3 diversities at most
RX Input Level -122~-7dBm
Blocking ≥84dB
Common Channel Rejection -12dB~0
Adjacent Channel Selectivity Normal:≥60dB @12.5KHz; Limit:≥50dB @12.5KHz
Intermodulation Response Rejection ≥70dB
Spurious Emission ≤-57dBm @ 100KHz @ 9.00~1.00GHz; ≤-47dBm @ 1.0MHz @ 1.00~12.75GHz
TX Power  ≤50W (VHF, UHF1, UHF2, UHF3) /≤35W(UHF5)
Output Power Variation Tolerance Normal: ±1.5dB; Limit: -3~+2 dB
Bandwidth ≤8.5kHz @ 3dB
Modulation Accuracy Normal: ≤5.0%; Limit: ≤10.0%
Frequency Offset ≤±100Hz
Intermodulation Attenuation Normal: ≤-60dBc; Limit: ≤-50dBc
Adjacent Channel Power Rejection (ACPR) ≥60dB (12.5kHz)
Transient Switch ACPR ±12.5KHz: ≥50dB (only for devices adopting the TDMA technology)
Spurious Emission  9.00 kHz to 1.00 GHz ≤-36 dBm@100 kHz; 1.00 GHz to 12.75GHz ≤-30 dBm@1.0 MHz
Mean Time between System Failures (MTBF) 100,000 hours
Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) 30 minutes

All specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous development.

Ideal digunakan oleh professional yang ingin alat komunikasi kuat, handal, tahan banting dan juga efisien. Hytera di design sedemikian membuat kenyamanan bagi penggunanya. Tersedia handy talky, mobile radio dan repeater digital maupun analog

Hytera adalah merk radio professional cocok digunakan di lingkungan hotel, rumah sakit, kantor, security dan juga untuk lokasi proyek.

Dealer Hytera di indonesia menjual Handy Talky, Rig, Mobile Station, Base Station Repeater. Kami juga melayani service / perbaikan Hytera serta pemasangan berbagai radio Hytera

Untuk mendapatkan penawaran harga silahkan hubungi sales kami di:

Email : info@radiokomunikasi.com
Telp : (021) 4211456 - 4211477
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