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SWR Diamond SX400 dapat mengukur power radio mulai dari 4 Watt sampai 400W dan dapat bekerja pada frekwensi radio 1.4MHz -525Mhz Power SWR Meter ini sangat cocok digunakan oleh penggemar radio amatir

SWR Diamond SX400 Featured

Diamond antenna SX400 SWR meter for 140-525 MHz bands. The SX-400 is an insertion type SWR / Power meter being connected between a transmitter and an antenna. Transmitting power and SWR can be measured with very simple operations.

In addition with those conventional measurement, PEP (peak envelope power) on SSB mode can be measured with a PEP monitor function. With our DIAMOND's wideband and low insertion loss directional coupler those measurements can be performed with minimum effect in transmission line.

There are many brand and it is Similar to DIAMOND , but they are not Originally Japan made by Diamond, they are just Copied of Diamond,And here we offer you the Best Meter from DIAMOND , Originally made in JAPAN.

Diamond SX400 Specifications:

  • Frequency range:140-525MHz
  • Power display rating: 5W 20W 200W
  • Minimum power at SWR measuremen:4W
  • Accuracy of full scale: 5W Range ±10% (F.S), 20W Range ±5% (F.S), 200W Range ±5% (F.S), (Add-10% of full scale at 220 to 420MHz,add+10% of full scale at 450 to 525MHz)
  • Insertion loss:Less than 0.1dB(140 to 250 MHz)
    Less than 0.2dB (400 to 470MHz)
    Less than 0.3dB (525MHz)
  • Power supply:DC13.8V (for backlight)
  • Dimensions (W×H×D) mm:155×63×103
  • Weight:540g
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