Earpice Motorola PMLN4608
Earpice Motorola PMLN4608
Earpice Motorola PMLN4608
Earpice Motorola PMLN4608

Motorola PMLN4608


Motorola PMLN4608 Earphone / handsfree / Earset / Earpiece Motorola cocok untuk handy talky HT GP328 Plus atau GP338 Plus. 2-Wire Surveillance Kit cocok digunakan oleh VVIP Security


 Earphone MOTOROLA PMLN4608 - Available for the Professional Radio Mini-Series – GP328 and GP338 Plus
PTT Housing & Cable Assembly Specifications
PTT casing dimensions W31mm x H18mm x T11.4mm ( max)
Approximate weight 40 grams
Casing material Flame retardant ABS
Cable pull on connector min 9Kgf
Cable flex on plug min 10K cycles
PTT operation min 100K cycles
Cable/ acoustic tube Environmental preferred, non-toxic material
Microphone Specifications
Type Electret, Omni-directional
Impedance @ 1KHz 1.6k ohm ± 20% at 1KHz
Sensitivity -42dBV4dB at 1KHz
Frequency response 300Hz to 3KHz
Operating voltage 4.5V, max 10V
Speaker ( Ear Bud) Specifications
Type 10mm Dynamic Mylar
Impedance @ 1KHz 502 ohm * 5%
Sensitivity @ 1Khz, 1mW 94dB * * 4dB
Distortion @ 1KHz, 1mW below 5%
Frequency response 300Hz to 3KHz
Norminal power input 1 mW
Max power input 5 mW max
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature -30oC to + 60oC
Storage temperature -55oC to + 85oC , 24hrs
Thermal shock -40oC to + 85oC
MIL810F Method 503.4 Procedure 1
Humidity 90% -95% RH @ 50C for 8 hrs
Rain MIL810F Method 506.3 Procedure 2
Salt/ Fog MIL810E Method 509.3 Procedure 1
Dust MIL810E Method 510.3 Prodedure 1
Vibration MIL810E Method 514.4 Procedure 1, Cat 10
Electrostatic discharge 15KV max. ( IEC 801-2)
Approval CE, EME
FM approval PMLN4607 for WARIS Professional Radio
PMLN4608 for Professional-Mini Radio
Chart 1-Comparison of Audio Loudness
Professional Mini-Series – GP328/ 338 Plus

PMLN4608 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Clear
Acoustic Earpiece ( professional-mini)

Audio Loudness Rating
Acoustic Tube Earpiece Typical Earpiece without Acoustic Tube
Lower audio output at low frequency Equal loudness over freq.

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