Alinco DJ-MD5
Alinco DJ-MD5

Alinco DJ-MD5

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Alinco DJ-MD5T VHF/UHF Dualband DMR Transceiver merupakan Handy Talky (HT) komersial 136-174 dan 400-480 MHz.

Mode FM analog tradisional serta mode digital DMR. 

Power output: 5, 2.5, 1 atau 0,2 watt. 

Memiliki 4000 Saluran, 250 Zona, 250 daftar pemindaian.

HT Ini menggunakan AMBE + 2 vocoder DVSI

Layar penuh warna yang besar dapat menampilkan ID DMR, tanda panggilan, nama, dan lokasi.



Clear Voice and Powerful Audio

Utilizes DVSI's AMBE+2® vocoder for Crystal clear DMR digital audio for use in noisy environments like construction sites and malls. Powerful 1W audio output to insure loud crisp sounds.

Large, Full-color Display

Real Two-slot DMR

Mixed Mode Operation

Digital Voice Recorder

Safety and Security

Lone worker, Man down, Call alert and Emergency alarm with GPS positioning options. Security features such as Check, Remote monitor, Kill and Revive are all standard.

Plenty of Text Messages

Built-in GPS Receiver (TGP,EGP models)

Common to Digital and Analog modes

  • Selectable output power 5W/2.5W/1W/0.2W
  • 4000 channels, 250 zones, 250 scan lists
  • Displays DMR ID, Call sign, Name and Geographical info.
  • VOX built-in
  • Allows CSV export/import of setting parameters
  • Easy import of DMR contact database (entire world wide)
  • Single or dual channel selectable
  • FM Broadcasting receiver with 100 memory channels and VFO
  • Manually programmable Side and Hot keys.
  • Automatic date and time calibration by GPS (TGP,EGP models)

Digital mode

  • 10,000 Talk Groups, 250 Radio ID, 160,000 contact lists
  • Displays the Caller ID and name
  • 32 preset encryption codes
  • Selective calls including Individual, Group or All
  • Digital Monitor function to receive signals without matching ID or color codes.

Analog mode

  • Variety of signaling; CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/2-TONE/5-TONE encode and decode
  • Four dierent Tone-burst tones
  • Programmable Auto Repeater Shift (VFO)


Frequency Range 136-174MHz / 400-480MHz
Number of Channels 4000ch
Zones per Radio 250 zone (MAX 250ch/zone)
Channel Spacing Analog : 12.5/25kHz
Digital : 12.5kHz
Operating Voltage 7.4V DC nominal
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ to +55℃ (-4 ℉ to +131 ℉ )
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Dimensions (W x H x D Approx.) 59x118x40 mm
with battery pack /antenna length" (2.32x4.65x1.57 inches)
Weight (Approx.)with EBP-96 Li-ion pack 256g /9.03 ounces
RF Power Output 5W / 2.5W / 1W / 0.2W
Spurious Emission Less than 1GHz : -36dBm
More than 1GHz : -30dBm
FM Hum & Noise (Analog) 25kHz : 40dB
12.5kHz : 36dB
Modulation Analog : 16K0F3E / 11K0F3E
Digital : 7K60FXD / 7K60FXE
Sensitivity (Analog/12dB SINAD) 25kHz : 0.25uV
12.5kHz : 0.35uV
Sensitivity (Digital/BER) 5% : 0.3uV
1% : 0.7uV
FM Hum & Noise (Analog) 25kHz : 45dB
12.5kHz : 40dB
Audio Distortion Less than 5%
Audio Output 1000mW /16Ω

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