Commscope 78EZNM
Commscope 78EZNM
Commscope 78EZNM
Commscope 78EZNM

Commscope 78EZNM

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Commscope 78EZNM - N Male Connector 7/8 in

ANDREW 7/8" N Male series EZfit Connector for FXL-780, AVA5-50, and AVA5-50FX cables.

Smaller two-piece design for easy installation. USE PROPER PREP TOOL.

Commscope 78EZNM - N Male Connector Andrew 7/8 in

RF Connector N Male
RF Connector Body Style Straight
RF Impedance 50 Ohms
Outer Contact Attachment Type Clamp
Low PIM No
Frequency Range 0-2.5 GHz
Fits AVA5-50; AVA5-50FX; FXL-780
Nut Wrench: Front/Back EZW-7812
Strip Tool 78-HPT for FXL (392185), A5-EZPT for AVA (315743)
Torque Wrench TW-78-EZFC
Kabel heliax andrew ldf4 ldf5 dan berbagai jenis konektor kabel dan juga grounding kit serta arrester merk andrew

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Commscope 78EZNM <h2>Commscope 78EZNM - N Male Connector Andrew 7/8 in</h2> <table cellpadding="5"><tbody><tr class="odd"><td><strong>RF Connector</strong></td> <td>N Male</td> </tr><tr class="even"><td><strong>RF Connector Body Style</strong></td> <td>Straight</td> </tr><tr class="odd"><td><strong>RF Impedance</strong></td> <td>50 Ohms</td> </tr><tr class="even"><td><strong>Outer Contact Attachment Type</strong></td> <td>Clamp</td> </tr><tr class="odd"><td><strong>Low PIM</strong></td> <td>No</td> </tr><tr class="even"><td><strong>Frequency Range</strong></td> <td>0-2.5 GHz</td> </tr><tr class="odd"><td><strong>Fits</strong></td> <td>AVA5-50; AVA5-50FX; FXL-780</td> </tr><tr class="even"><td><strong>Nut Wrench: Front/Back</strong></td> <td>EZW-7812</td> </tr><tr class="odd"><td><strong>Strip Tool</strong></td> <td>78-HPT for FXL (392185), A5-EZPT for AVA (315743)</td> </tr><tr class="even"><td><strong>Torque Wrench</strong></td> <td>TW-78-EZFC</td> </tr></tbody></table> cable-and-connectors 359090.91 IDR in_stock
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