Handy Talky Vev-V1000 UHF 350-400 Mhz 128 Memory Channels 5Watt UHF Outputt Power.


Section 128 memory channels, 
DTMF codec, double-dot matrix display screen cloth, 
2-tone / 5-tone, VHF 5W/UHF 4W output power, 
Narrow band width available (25kHZ/12.5kHz), 
ANI identification Code, 
VOX launch voice features, 
Multifunctional Scan, 
Scrambler device so close, 
adjustable three-color screen background lights, 
Emergency call button, 
Both English and Chinese programming software, 


(Frequency Range)
136.000 ~ 174.000 MHz
400.000 ~ 470.000 MHz
(Number Of Channel)
(Operation Temperature)
-20℃ ~ +50℃
(Operating Voltage)
(Antenna Impedance)
  (Operation Mode)
(Carrier Frequency)
(Output Power)
≤ 0.5W
(Modulation Limited)
≤ 5KHz
(Modulation Character)
+3dB ~ -3dB
(Adjacent Channel Power)
≥ 65dB
(Spurious Radiation)
≤ 7.5μW
(Occupide Bandwidth)
≤ 16KHz
(RF Sensiyivity)
< 0.28μV
(Audio Distortion)
≤ 3%
(Audio Response)
+2dB ~ -10dB
(Modulatioin Band)
≥ -8dB
(Adjacent Channel Selectivity)
≥ 55dB
(Intermodulation Rejection)
≥ 55dB
(Spurious Response)
≥ 55dB
≥ 85dB
VEV-V1000 <p><strong>Description </strong><br /><br /></p> <p>Section 128 memory channels, <br />DTMF codec, double-dot matrix display screen cloth, <br />2-tone / 5-tone, VHF 5W/UHF 4W output power, <br />Narrow band width available (25kHZ/12.5kHz), <br />ANI identification Code, <br />VOX launch voice features, <br />Multifunctional Scan, <br />Scrambler device so close, <br />adjustable three-color screen background lights, <br />Emergency call button, <br />Both English and Chinese programming software, <br /><br /><br /><strong>General</strong></p> <p> </p> <div class="vptc"> <table class="vptable" border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="1"><tbody><tr><td class="vptot2" rowspan="3" width="50%">(Frequency Range)</td> <td class="vptot2" width="48%"> <div align="right">136.000 ~ 174.000 MHz</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2"> <div align="right"> </div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">400.000 ~ 470.000 MHz</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Number Of Channel)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">128</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Operation Temperature)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">-20℃ ~ +50℃</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Operating Voltage)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">DC7.2V</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Antenna Impedance)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">50Ω</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">  (Operation Mode)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">工</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Weight)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">220g</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Size)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">100×55×32mm</div> </td> </tr></tbody></table></div> <div class="Vpto1"> <div class="Vpto2">(Transmitter)</div> </div> <div class="vptc"> <table class="vptable" style="height:140px;" border="0" width="330" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="1"><tbody><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Carrier Frequency)</td> <td class="vptot2" width="48%"> <div align="right">±2.5ppm</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Output Power)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">≤ 0.5W</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Modulation Limited)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">≤ 5KHz</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Modulation Character)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">+3dB ~ -3dB</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Adjacent Channel Power)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">≥ 65dB</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Spurious Radiation)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">≤ 7.5μW</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Occupide Bandwidth)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">≤ 16KHz</div> </td> </tr></tbody></table></div> <div class="Vpto1"> <div class="Vpto2">(Receiver)</div> </div> <table class="vptable" style="height:188px;" border="0" width="330" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="1"><tbody><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(RF Sensiyivity)</td> <td class="vptot2" width="48%"> <div align="right">&lt; 0.28μV</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Audio Distortion)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">≤ 3%</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Audio Response)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">+2dB ~ -10dB</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Modulatioin Band)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">≥ -8dB</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Adjacent Channel Selectivity)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">≥ 55dB</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Intermodulation Rejection)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">≥ 55dB</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot2" width="50%">(Spurious Response)</td> <td class="vptot2"> <div align="right">≥ 55dB</div> </td> </tr><tr><td class="vptot1" width="50%">(Blocking)</td> <td class="vptot1"> <div align="right">≥ 85dB</div> </td> </tr></tbody></table> discontinued 880000 IDR in_stock
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