Jual handy talky Firstcom FC-418 frekwensi range 400 - 470Mhz dengan harga murah. Dapatkan diskon untuk pembelian dengan jumlah besar.


  • 128 channels , 4W/5W output power.
  • Voice prompting function , VOX function.
  • Emergency alarm & night lighting function.
  • Battery power check up.
  • CTCSS/DCS encode and decode.
  • FM radio


Frequency Range UHF (FC-418) : 400-470MHz
 Channel Capacity 128 channels  
 Channel Spacing 25KHz(WideBand) 12.5KHz(NarrowBand)  
 Phase-locked Step 5KHz , 6.25KHz  
 Operating Voltage  7.4V DC ±20% 
 CbatteryLife More than 14Hours(1700mAh) , by 5-5-90 working cycle  
 Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm  
Operating Temperatare -20℃~+55℃ 
 Size  195*56*30mm (with battery pack , no antenna) 
 Weight  185g(with battery pack , no antenna) 

Transmitting Part
 Wide bandNarrow band
Power Output 5W (FC-138) / 4W (FC-418) 
 Modulation 16KφF3E 11KφF3E 
 Adjacent Channel Power ≧60dB  ≧60dB
 Hum & Noise ≧45dB  ≧40dB
 Spurious Emission ≦-36dB  ≦-36dB
 Audio Response 6dB/per interval 6dB/per interval
 Audio Distortion ≦5% 

Receiving Part
 Wide bandNarrow band
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD) ≦0.25μV  ≦0.35μV
djacent Channel Selectivity ≧60dB  ≧60dB
Intermodulation ≧60dB  ≧60dB
 Spurious Rejection ≧80dB  ≧80dB
Audio Response 6dB /per interval  6dB/per interval
Hum & Noise ≧50dB  ≧45dB
Audio Distortion ≦5% 
Audio Power Output 500mW / 10% 
FC-418 https://radiokomunikasi.com/444-large/fc-418.jpg <h3>Specification  </h3> <ul><li>128 channels , 4W/5W output power.</li> <li>Voice prompting function , VOX function.</li> <li>Emergency alarm &amp; night lighting function.</li> <li>Battery power check up.</li> <li>CTCSS/DCS encode and decode.</li> <li>FM radio</li> </ul><p> </p> <table class="spec" border="0"><tbody><tr><td colspan="4">General<br />  </td> </tr><tr><th>Frequency Range</th> <td colspan="3">UHF (FC-418) : 400-470MHz</td> </tr><tr><th> Channel Capacity</th> <td colspan="3">128 channels  </td> </tr><tr><th> Channel Spacing</th> <td colspan="3">25KHz(WideBand) 12.5KHz(NarrowBand)  </td> </tr><tr><th> Phase-locked Step</th> <td colspan="3">5KHz , 6.25KHz  </td> </tr><tr><th> Operating Voltage</th> <td colspan="3"> 7.4V DC ±20% </td> </tr><tr><th> CbatteryLife</th> <td colspan="3">More than 14Hours(1700mAh) , by 5-5-90 working cycle  </td> </tr><tr><th> Frequency Stability</th> <td colspan="3">±2.5ppm  </td> </tr><tr><th>Operating Temperatare</th> <td colspan="3">-20℃~+55℃ </td> </tr><tr><th> Size</th> <td colspan="3"> 195*56*30mm (with battery pack , no antenna) </td> </tr><tr><th> Weight</th> <td colspan="3"> 185g(with battery pack , no antenna) </td> </tr><tr><td colspan="3"><br /> Transmitting Part</td> <td> </td> </tr><tr><th> </th><th colspan="2">Wide band</th><th>Narrow band</th></tr><tr><th>Power Output</th> <td colspan="3">5W (FC-138) / 4W (FC-418) </td> </tr><tr><th> Modulation</th> <td colspan="2">16KφF3E</td> <td>11KφF3E </td> </tr><tr><th> Adjacent Channel Power</th> <td colspan="2">≧60dB</td> <td> ≧60dB</td> </tr><tr><th> Hum &amp; Noise</th> <td colspan="2">≧45dB</td> <td> ≧40dB</td> </tr><tr><th> Spurious Emission</th> <td colspan="2">≦-36dB</td> <td> ≦-36dB</td> </tr><tr><th> Audio Response</th> <td colspan="2">6dB/per interval</td> <td>6dB/per interval</td> </tr><tr><th> Audio Distortion</th> <td colspan="3">≦5% </td> </tr><tr><td colspan="3"><br /> Receiving Part</td> <td> </td> </tr><tr><th> </th><th colspan="2">Wide band</th><th>Narrow band</th></tr><tr><th>Sensitivity(12dB SINAD)</th> <td colspan="2">≦0.25μV</td> <td> ≦0.35μV</td> </tr><tr><th>djacent Channel Selectivity</th> <td colspan="2">≧60dB</td> <td> ≧60dB</td> </tr><tr><th>Intermodulation</th> <td colspan="2">≧60dB</td> <td> ≧60dB</td> </tr><tr><th> Spurious Rejection</th> <td colspan="2">≧80dB</td> <td> ≧80dB</td> </tr><tr><th>Audio Response</th> <td colspan="2">6dB /per interval</td> <td> 6dB/per interval</td> </tr><tr><th>Hum &amp; Noise</th> <td colspan="2">≧50dB</td> <td> ≧45dB</td> </tr><tr><th>Audio Distortion</th> <td colspan="3">≦5% </td> </tr><tr><th>Audio Power Output</th> <td colspan="3">500mW / 10% </td> </tr></tbody></table> discontinued 750000 IDR out_of_stock
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