Baterai Motorola JMMN4023
Baterai Motorola JMMN4023



JMNN4023 Baterai Lithium Ion 1000 mAh, Slim 7.5V Ogirinal Battery  For Handy Talky HT Motorola GP328 PLUS GP338 Plus GP344 GP388 GP644 GP688 PTX700 Plus PTX760 Plus


JMNN4023 - Motorola Premium Battery - LiIon 1000 mAh, 7.5V (Slim) - GP328 PLUS GP338 PLUS   Motorola Original Battery are ruggedly designed for lasting durability and system tested with Motorola two-way radios to ensure optimum performance. We offer three chemistry alternatives as well as various capacity offerings, allowing the user to select the ideal battery for his or her needs. NiCd is best suited for extremetemperature operation and provides the maximum number of charge/discharge cycles. NiMH and Li-ion batteries offer extended duty cycles – providing more talk time per shift.

Technical Data: Charge: Rapid Volts: 7.5 Avg. mAh: 1000 Weight: 105 Dimensions: 3.5 x 2 2/16 x 7/16

Harga handy talky morotola base station / mobile station dan repeater motorola aksesoris motorola original di Indonesia. Kami memberikan garansi resmi 1 tahun

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