Yaesu VX-3R



Yaesu VX-3R, HT Dual Band yang super  mungil dan kompak, performa dan kualitas terbaik.

Dengan Yaesu VX-3R 2m / 70cm, Anda juga akan dapat menikmati FM stereo dan siaran AM dengan Internal Bar Antenna. Speaker yang jernih dan loud.


Rp. 2.800.000

Fitur dan Spesifikasi Yaesu VX-3R

Yaesu VX-3R Dual Band  2m / 70cm

Ultra-compact and Light Weight

Rugged Construction – Aluminum Die-Cast Chassis

Plenty of Power Output in a Compact Package (VHF 1.5 W  /  UHF 1 W)

Supplied with Tiny Super-thin, Lithium-ion High-Capacity Battery and Charger

Operate with AA Batteries with Optional Battery Case (Requires Optional FBA-37 Battery Case)

Internal Bar Antenna for AM Broadcast Band Reception

Designated Earphone Jack for FM Stereo Broadcast Listening

Listen to AM or FM Broadcast while Monitoring an Amateur Frequency

Wide-band Receiver Coverage

Special Memory Banks – WX, VHF Marine, Shortwave Broadcast

Huge 1000-channel Memory Capacity

New Mechanical Dial Lock Function

Equipped for Worldwide Internet Linking

CW Learning and Training Feature

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