Andrew AVA5 7/8 Inch

AVA5 7/8 Inch


Kabel Heliax AVA5 7/8 inch adalah kabel dengan losis rendah sangat bagus digunakan sebagai kabel antena untuk repeater


Rp. 125.000

Fitur dan Spesifikasi Andrew AVA5 7/8 Inch

The Andrew AVA5-50 7/8 inch low loss coaxial cable features a low density foam dielectic. This 50 Ohm coax cable has an annular corrugated outer conductor. The transmission line also has a smooth round tube center conductor. Maximum frequency capacity is 4.9 GHz. Use AVA5-50 connectors with this standard coax cable.

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Heliax AVA5-50

Brosur dan Spesifikasi Heliax AVA5-50 ohm

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