AB380 Antena Airband Perbesar

COMET AB380 Antena Airband

AB380 Antena Airband


Comet AB-380 VHF/UHF Airband Base Receive Antenna Kit, Here is a dedicated VHF + UHF airband base antenna from Comet. The AB-380 comes complete with a 10m ready assembled lead, and a high quality fully adjustable mounting bracket, the antenna is finished in fibreglass for extra long life, and is a very convenient overall length of just 1.17m.


Rp. 1.600.000

Fitur dan Spesifikasi COMET AB380 Antena Airband

Comet AB-380  Dualband receive airband base antena ground to air
VHF range  - 108-140 Mhz
UHF range  - 220-400 Mhz
Length  - 1.17 m
Impedance  - 50 Ohms
Coaxial lead supplied - 10m length RG58U
Fittings M Type ( PL259)
Weight  -  520g

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