Power Supply Hytera PS22002 power supply ringan yang dapat digunakan untuk Repeater maupun Radio Rig power supply ini juga dilengkapi dengan accu backup sehingga dapat tetap hidup walau listrik sedang mati  


Fitur dan Spesifikasi HYTERA PS22002

Power Supply Hytera PS22002 


  1. The maximum rated output power:300W.
  2. Designed to work at the condition that Hytera's analog and digital mobile radio will be used as base station.
  3. Capable to work at various AC source conditions worldwide.
  4. External backup battery applicable.
  5. The built-in float circuit can always keep the backup battery in optimum status. When AC power is interrupted, the power supply can supply power for the mobile radio normally by automatically switching to the external lead-acid battery.

Input Voltage: 110VAC±20% and 220VAC±20%;

Output Voltage: DC 13.8V±1.0%;

Output Current: 0~16A;

Over-voltage Protection: DC15V~18.2V;

Operating Temperature: -25℃ ~+60°C.

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