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Icom RedHawk



The RedHawk P25 and analog, Signal encryption through the radio, Send and receive text messages, More accurate GPS field asset location, Store, send and GOTO waypoints & users, Built-in, rechargeable 18 hour battery


Fitur dan Spesifikasi Icom RedHawk



Water resistant

IP54 water resistant. Okay to use in the rain.

2.5 mm ear phone jack Using an earpiece with the unit silences the unit's built-in speaker.
Compass Built-in electronic compass for navigation to field units and set/received waypoints.
Display A 120 × 140 trasnsreflective LCD monochrome grayscale display – highly valuable, even in sunlight.
GPS receiver chip High sensitivity Atmel® GPS receiver chip set with built-in antenna.
Dimensions 59 (W) × 114 (H) × 30 (D) mm;
2.32" (W) × 4.48" (H) × 1.18" (D)

Power supply voltage

Powered by a 3.7V / 1200mAH Li-Polymer battery that is recharged via USB connection from the mic to a PC, or 110/240 to 5 VDC, or 12 VDC to 5 VDC cigarette lighter adapter accessory. May be powered by the Icom radio itself.
Battery life Long battery life: 18-20 hours with LCD backlight off.
Temperature range -35° to 55° C (-31° to 136° F)
Weight 115g (4.16 oz) with lithium ion battery (approx.)

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